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Title Last Update File Size Access Download
Super Mario Odyssey 4k Texture Pack v1.0.1 March 12, 2024 9.4 GiB Credits to download: 2
Super Mario has arrived at HD Texture Packs! This texture pack includes texture upgrades for the entire game and is compatible with game update 1.0.0 and 1.3.0.

This texture pack is compatible with both Yuzu (official) and Ryujinx 8GB (Custom).

This release has added a patch that fixes rare crashes, but is otherwise the same as v1.0. The patch can be downloaded separately.
Super Mario Odyssey 4k Texture Pack v1.0.1 (Patch Only) March 12, 2024 2 KiB Yes
This is a patch release which resolves a bug that can cause crashes, particularly in The Mushroom Kingdom.

This patch release is only a fix for the issue with The Mushroom Kingdom crashing briefly after entering the area.
Breath of the Wild HD Texture Pack v1.1 March 7, 2024 22 GiB Credits to download: 2
This release includes major upgrades for terrain and other textures.

Any v1.1 texture packs downloaded before March 7, 2024 should add the separate patch to fix shrine loading screen issues.

This texture pack is compatible with newer builds of Yuzu and Ryujinx 8GB Custom.
Breath of the Wild Texture Pack v1.1 (Patch Only) March 6, 2024 2.4 GiB Yes
This patch addresses a bug with the shrine loading screen getting stuck halfway.

This patch does not update v1.0 to v1.1 and only fixes the shrine loading bug in v1.1.
Super Mario RPG 4k Texture Pack February 10, 2024 5.5 GiB Download Access+ Only.
Another Super Mario game has been given an HD overhaul! Super Mario RPG is a game that already has great graphics, but there are some areas that are rough around the edges, such as some of the terrain and building materials. The aim of this texture pack is to improve these details.
Hyrule Warriors HD Texture Pack v1.0 December 7, 2023 8.6 GiB Credits to download: 2
Terrain quality has been improved and terrain color issues have been fixed. This texture pack has been moved from early to standard access.

Every texture in the game has been upscaled, including terrain, buildings, characters, weapons, armor, items & other objects.

Compatible with recent Yuzu builds with 8GB DRAM memory layout. Compatibility with Ryujinx 8GB may be coming at a later date.
Hyrule Warriors v0.9b -> v1.0 (Patch Only) December 7, 2023 506 MiB Credits to download: 1
Adds terrain quality improvement and fixes color issues with terrain. This patch can be used to update from v0.9b or as a stand-alone terrain upgrade.
Pikmin 4 HD Texture Pack v0.9b November 11, 2023 10.7 GiB Download Access+ Only.
Pikmin has joined HD Texture Packs. This new early access texture pack includes texture upgrades for the whole game.

This texture pack is in the early stages, so quality optimization will happen as the pack evolves.

For now it is only compatible with Yuzu (1477 or newer). A Ryujinx Custom update may be coming soon that supports this texture pack.
Tears of the Kingdom HD Texture Pack v0.9.9b November 8, 2023 6.5 GiB Download Access+ Only.
This update includes texture adjustments, bug fixes and other optimizations. Problems with textures in shrines and other areas should be fixed. Menu load times should also be fixed. Compatibility with update 1.2.1 has also been added.

This is an early access release, which contains texture upgrades for the entire game. Compatible with every update up to 1.2.1. Yuzu 1477 or later required to play.
Ryujinx 8GB Custom Build v1.0.3 May 28, 2023 39.1 MiB Free
A custom build of the Ryujinx Switch emulator that has 8GB memory mode enabled. Updated for compatibility with newer games.
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet v0.3.1a HD Textures May 7, 2023 3.1 GiB Credits to download: 1
Early stage release of the HD texture pack for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Works with all patches up to 1.3.0.

This update adds compatibility with update 1.3.0.
Breath of the Wild HD Texture Pack (Switch) January 27, 2023 20.6 GiB Free
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with complete with 4k textures. Almost every texture has been upgraded to 4k+ including some extras like fonts and logos.

Compatible Yuzu and Ryujinx (custom build required). Breath of the Wild v1.6.0 update also required.